PE with Mr Watson!

Mr Watson’s PE - Part 2

Mr Watson’s PE - Part 1

PE with Mr Watson - Round 5 - Combination Challenge!

This week’s challenge is a combination of all the ball skills and fitness activities completed so far. You only need a small space and a ball, of any kind. We can’t wait to see how you get on - remember to email in your photographs and videos as we love to see you taking part! Stay positive! Stay active!

PE with Mr Watson - Round 4 - Ball Skills Challenge

Can you complete Mr Watson's Throw, Bounce & Catch Challenge? Practice them all and create one of your own and send them in. We love seeing what you have been up to and what you can come up with! Stay Positive! Stay active!

PE with Mr Watson - Round 3 - Basketball Skills Challenge

Mr Watson has set all the children, parents, siblings and all the staff his 20 rep basketball challenge! Practice each skill and put it together to complete the challenge. Remember, you can still continue with his previous exercises and challenges. Do as little or as much as you would like! Stay positive! Stay active!

PE with Mr Watson - Round 2 - Fitness Workout

This week's challenge is similar to last week, with new exercises to test your strength, agility and fitness. Remember you can either attempt to complete the challenge or break each exercise up individually and improve your personal fitness. Stay positive! Stay active!

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