Mr Tribble's videos

14.06.2021- Mr Tribble Assembly


Mr Tribble - British Values Assembly

24.05.2021- Mr Tribble Assembly

Mr Tribble

17.05.2021 - Mr Tribble Assembly - High Expectations and British Values

08.05.2021 - Mr Tribble Assembly

Mr Tribble Assembly - The Importance of being yourself.

04.05.2021 Mr Tribble Assembly

British Value and being COVID safe

26.04.2021 - Mr Tribble assembly British Values

Mr Tribble Assembly 20.04.2021

School Values, British values, COVID19 and Working Hard for what you want.

29.03.2021 Assembly - Mr Tribble

Reading Books, Hands, Face and Space, Manners and Behaviour choices, Story - Safe for Easter.

Mr Tribble - Ready for Anything Drill Video

Mr Tribble - Help required from home

Dear All, a quick video, particularly for parents with children in the older years. Behaviour at weekends and on mobile devices.

Monday 22nd March -Mr Tribble assembly

Hands, Face, Space - British values -Online safety -

Mr Tribble - Assembly 15.03.2021

Mr Tribble - Assembly Monday March 8th 2021

Mr Tribble - Reassuring words - Don't worry

Mr Tribble Assembly - Monday Messages March 1st 2021

Mr Tribble Assembly February 23rd 2021

Hands, Face and Space, Mutual respect, Online safety and Reading - stories that teach us.

Mr Tribble Assembly 8th February 2021

Mr Tribble Assembly 1st February 2021

Mr Tribble - Message to the children - Reception Bubble closed 26.01.2021

Reception Bubble is closed until Friday 5th February 2021

A message and guidance for the adults.

Mr Tribble Assembly - 25.01.2021

Mr Tribble Assembly and Monday Messages 18.01.2021

Mr T - assembly 1 11/01/2021

Mr Tribble - National Lockdown

Mr Tribble Christmas Message

Year 6 Bubble Closure

Mr Tribble - Assembly 13 - Reading, High expectations and Keeping safe

Year 2 Bubble Closure for the children

Year 2 Bubble to close - Mr Tribble

Mr Tribble Assembly - 12 - safety and Reading

Keeping safe online and on dark roads.

Mr Tribble - Assembly 11 - Ethics

Mr Tribble - Year 1 Bubble Message to the children

Mr Tribble - Year 1 Bubble Closure

Mr Tribble - Assembly 10 - Reading

Year 3 video for the children

A video to explain if you think it might be easier for "Mr Tribble" to explain the situation. Feel free to use or ignore. Best wishes

Mr Tribble - Year 3 Bubble Closure

Year 2 - Bubble Video for the children from Mr Tribble

Year 2 Bubble Closure

Dear All, Please watch and drink in the facts and need to know advice. Many thanks.

Year 5 Bubble Closure

Please watch the explanatory video which 'walks' you through the letter you should be or have received. Sadly, we have reached that "when" not "if " moment.

Mr Tribble 9 - Reading, Washing and a Harvest Moon

Poppy Assembly 2020

Mr Tribble Assembly 8 - Online safety, Poppies and Reading

Mr Tribble Assembly 7 - Lockdown and the Wolf in sheep's clothing

Halloween safety from Mr Tribble

Whether staying in or going out - Do watch and stay safe!

Mr Tribble British Values 6 - The Lion and the Mouse


Mr Tribble Assembly 5 - Values

Mr Tribble 4 - Growth Mindset

What's the best "You" , that you can imagine - Be that person!

Mr Tribble Assembly 3 - The Boy who cried Wolf

Mr Tribble - Hope - Assembly 2

Mr Tribble - Rule of Six Assembly

Weekly Assembly 14.09.2020

First September Assembly

Welcome back and high expectations

Worry not! Welcome back!

Hello Everyone, I hope that you all had a wonderful summer and enjoyed the sunshine when it presented itself. I thought it best to run through a few key points before the weekend and the Monday return to alleviate any fears or worries you might have. Do look at the full return to school video for the various entrances you will be using etc and, most importantly, try not to worry. We are all going to get back into the groove slowly and steadily, little by little step by step. Early nights this weekend! :)

HPS September full reopening

Monday Message 15

Nearly there for the summer folks! Huge thank you to all the children, staff and massively, parents for getting us through such a difficult year. Here's to ice creams and good days spent together. have a great summer everyone love from Mr Tribble

Mr Tribble - Monday Message 14

Keeping safe and being respectful. Sun, sea and surfing (The internet). Scrub-a-dub-dub and remember the library today at school.

Mr Tribble Monday Message 13

Monday Message 12 from Mr Tribble

Sunshine, showers and a big "Hello". The latest Monday Message in these most strange times. Stay safe and keep scrubbing.

Mr Tribble - Monday Message 11

Mr Tribble's Update for the adults - Why, When, Who?

Hello Everyone, I wanted to talk to you directly and from the heart as to where we are, how we have arrived there and why. Also, what next and what is being considered. Grab a cup of tea and a comfortable perch and I hope this brings you right up to date. Happy Friday and thank you for all you have been doing and all of your support. Much obliged, much obliged. Stay safe and stay alert. this is not over yet.

Mr Tribble 10

Key messages - Bubbles, sharks and wishes! Stay alert please folks!

Mr Tribble - Monday Message 9

The Monday Message. Stay Safe and Stay Alert

Mr Tribble 8

Monday Message - Welcome back after half term. Key messages and warm words.

Mr Tribble 7

Monday Message with key notes from a rather pink Mr Tribble. I should have taken my own advice on my Sunday walk - more suncream. Stay safe and stay alert.

Mr Tribble - Monday Message 6 - Values, Sun cream and Thank you

The Monday Message for everyone. Stay safe, enjoy the sunshine and scrub-a-dub-dub

Mr Tribble 5

Monday Message - Health, Hygiene, Values and VE Day

Mr Tribble - Message 4

The 'Monday Message' guys for the start of the new week.

Mr Tribble 2

Hello HPS!

Mr Tribble - Message to Parents ands Carers


A comforting message from Mr Tribble

Mr Tribble

Video Three - Hi Guys - We miss you.

Mr Tribble - Parents and Carers message

VE Day with Captain Tribble

A step back in time with Captain Tribble - He's 108 you know! Spiffing! We will remember them.